10 Common Signs of Iron Overload

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I’ve gotten several requests for a post like this, so here it goes!
“Iron overload” is a hot topic right now. But what does that look like, exactly?
As I’ve talked about before, the effect of excess iron can manifest in many different ways. Some of the most common I’ve seen in my practice include:
〰️Chronic fatigue
〰️Period or fertility problems
〰️Histamine intolerance
〰️Frequent infections or overgrowth
〰️Autoimmune conditions
〰️Nervous system disorders
〰️Arthritis or other inflammatory conditions
〰️Hair or skin pigment changes
Of course, these issues can be much more complicated than having an excess of iron. But to be quite frank - that’s where a lot of dysfunction starts.
An imbalance of minerals leads to an imbalance in enzymes which leads to an imbalance in hormones. We can’t make energy properly, so the body starts to compensate. Compensation leads to dysfunction and then eventually, disease can manifest.
This post is not meant to make you stressed, but simply to explain how iron overload can drive common issues. Hopefully this is interesting to you book worms. :)
Some tips to combat iron overload:
〰️Get a Full Monty Iron Panel
〰️Stop taking supplements that are destroying copper - like iron, hormone-D, zinc, ascorbic acid, multivitamins and prenatals, etc. - which is required to manage iron properly.
〰️Avoid iron-fortified foods.
〰️Consume copper-rich foods. See my other posts about this.
〰️Consume Vitamin A-rich foods. See my other posts about this.
〰️Drink coffee or raw milk with iron-rich foods.
〰️Consider donating blood.
Not medical advice.



This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.



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