4 reasons your luteal phase is low (and your progesterone is low, too)

luteal phase progesterone
4 reasons your luteal phase is low (and your progesterone is low, too)

Your luteal phase is the 2nd half of your cycle and is when your progesterone levels should be at their highest.

Progesterone is a very important hormone for many reasons, but if you're trying to conceive, it's especially important for:

🏡Maintaining your uterine lining

🪺Supporting implantation

🤰🏽Sustaining your pregnancy

If your luteal phase is 10 days or less, you may not be making enough progesterone.

You probably know you have low progesterone if you are experiencing things including:

Recurrent loss


Irregular cycles


Menstrual cramps

Spotting between cycles

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Fibrocystic breasts

Breast tenderness




Facial hair growth

Hair loss

Histamine intolerance


Low basal body temp

So why aren’t you making enough progesterone? 👇

🫥Anovulation: To make sufficient progesterone, you must ovulate…and well.

🤯Stress: When your body is stressed, your body will prioritize making stress hormones like cortisol instead of progesterone.

🪫Nutrient Deficiencies: There are many specific and sufficient nutrients required for progesterone production.

🥚Poor Egg Quality: The corpus luteum, which produces progesterone after ovulation, comes from the outer layer of the follicle that was housing your egg. If your follicle wasn’t healthy, it’s likely the corpus luteum won’t be either.

Here are a few tips for increasing progesterone:

🥩Eat enough to make sure your body doesn’t redirect resources to make stress hormones because it thinks it’s in a famine.

🍬Balance your blood sugar to make sure any progesterone you are making isn’t being blocked from reaching its receptors by stress hormones.

🏃🏽‍♀️Don’t over-exercise, which can make your body think it has to run from a bear or hide from a warring tribe.

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