6 feminine hygiene mistakes that can sabotage your chances of pregnancy πŸ‘‡

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6 feminine hygiene mistakes that can sabotage your chances of pregnancy πŸ‘‡

1 Toxic period products: Your vaginal tissue is very sensitive to these chemicals, which can also mess with your hormones. 🩸

2 Not changing out of sweaty clothes: What likes to grow in hot, sweaty environments? Bugs that cause vaginal infections. πŸ’¦

3 Wearing plastic underwear: I can’t think of a better way to starve your yoni of oxygen than to wrap it in underwear made of plastic materials. 🩲

4 Using feminine washes (even pH-friendly ones): Hear this loudly. Your vagina is self-cleaning and does not need soap. ❎

5 Taking random (emphasis on random) probiotics: Because there are specific types of probiotics that will support your vaginal microbiome. πŸ’Š

6 Using the wrong personal lubricant: Lubes also contain chemicals that can mess with your vaginal pH and prevent sperm from reaching your egg. πŸ›‘

What CAN you do?

Essentially, the opposite of the above. πŸ˜…

βœ… Invest in non-toxic period products

βœ… Change out of sweaty clothes, STAT

βœ… Invest in natural fiber clothing

βœ… Let your va-hoo-ha be

βœ… Take targeted probiotics (especially if you have recurrent infections)

βœ… Swap in a TRULY TTC-safe lubricant

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