8 things I wouldn’t skip if I were trying to get pregnant RIGHT NOW 👇

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8 things I wouldn’t skip if I were trying to get pregnant RIGHT NOW 👇

✅ Ditch the plastic (which contains hormone-disrupting BPA and FYI BPA-free isn’t necessarily better)

✅ Ask for e-receipts (which also contains BPA)

✅ Take a prenatal vitamin (start building your nutrient stores ASAP; shoutout to all my students going the more natural route who know how to build their own prenatals via whole foods and/or whole food supplements 🙌)

✅ Prepare your food properly (get more mileage out of your food by minimizing the effects of antinutrients)

✅ Toss the non-stick pans (these babies also contain hormone-disrupting chemicals)

✅ Eat more protein (what builds a baby? Protein…and nearly every client I’ve ever worked with is never getting enough)

✅ Get sunlight in the morning (which can help set your internal clock - btw if this is off the higher the risk for infertility)

✅ Walk daily (moving your body helps build muscle, regulate blood sugar, supports detoxification and so many more benefits)

If you’re ready to take your pregnancy prep to the next level…

To go beyond the basics…

To make changes that will help you optimize your fertility in the specific ways your body needs…

And to create the best version of * yourself * to pass onto not only your future baby, but the generation after that…

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