Adrenal Cocktail Recipe (Root Cause Protocol)

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🍊4 oz OJ (fresh squeezed if you can)
🥥4 oz coconut water
🔋¼ tsp cream of tartar
🧂¼ tsp sea salt

Same as above, without cream of tartar
💧OPTIONAL: mineral drops

You can drink this 1-2 times a day in between meals, around mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This is a great way to replenish trace minerals, especially for those with adrenal issues. This is not a replacement for a purposeful and solid nutrition and lifestyle strategy. To get more targeted mineral replenishment guidance, you can seek out an HTMA provider.

This is one of the STARTS from the Root Cause Protocol. Not medical advice.



This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.


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