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So. Many. People. Skip breakfast and go straight to coffee.

And I’m not big on rules. But one of my guiding principles for balanced hormones and great metabolic function is to have coffee AFTER breakfast, never before.


When we wake up, we’re in a depleted state. A good amount of us have the understanding that we need to rehydrate when we wake up. But many forget that we also need to nourish.

After a night’s sleep, our liver is running low on glycogen. This means it’s going to have a hard time performing its 500+ vital functions, including detoxification, thyroid hormone conversion, methylation, and so much more.

Coffee is metabolically stimulating, which is generally a good thing. It has naturally-occurring antioxidants and can promote the effect of certain hormones like progesterone and thyroid. BUT, if the energy is not there to support the uptick in metabolism, things can fall apart.

When it comes to fertility, coffee done the right way can be a great accompaniment to a nourishing diet. But if we’re constantly starting our day in a deficit and amplifying it day in and day out, it can start to take a toll on our metabolism, blood sugar balance, ability to detoxify, hormonal balance…

In fact, low blood sugar can cause adrenaline to block progesterone receptors.

The bigger and longer the deficit, the deeper into “survival mode” our body goes. This is the opposite mode we want to be in if we’re trying to promote optimal hormonal balance and conditions for reproduction.

Just a few of the things my clients and students have told me about making the small shift of food before coffee include:

↝Less anxiety and mood swings

↝More consistent energy throughout the day

↝Fewer mid-day slumps

↝Less PMS

↝Easier time falling and staying asleep

↝Better concentration, less brain fog

↝More consistent bowel movements

So what do you say?! Will you try breakfast before coffee?


Not medical advice.


This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.



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