Could your lube be the reason you're not pregnant yet? 💦

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Could your lube be the reason you're not pregnant yet? 💦

Could your lube be the reason you're not pregnant yet? 💦

It’s definitely worth looking into if you’re dry down there. BUT…

Sometimes you need a little extra help.

That said, both commercial (including “fertility-friendly” ones) and even natural ones (including saliva!) can immobilize sperm, preventing it from reaching your egg.

So much so that in some literature, they're considered a possible factor in infertility. 😲

If you’re not making enough grease for the wheel, don’t ignore that.

But if you’re using lube and haven’t been able to get pregnant yet, it might just be the reason you aren't pregnant yet.

Your lube should be:

✅ 100% organic

✅ Free of parabens, fragrances, chemicals, etc.

✅ Pregnancy-safe

I take ALL the guesswork out for you and give you a list of trusted, TRULY fertility-friendly personal lubricants in my eCourse, Conscious Conception.

Learn how to optimize cervical mucus, your vaginal microbiome, and so much more for pregnancy


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