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We're born with 1-2 million eggs. That’s a lot of possibilities!

Each mature egg cell has anywhere from 100,000 to 600,000 mitochondria. Mitochondria are the “powerhouses” of our cells and are where energy is made.

Just for comparison, skin cells have just a few hundred mitochondria. Heart cells, which support the muscle tissue that keeps the heart pumping, have ~5,000. So relative to these other cells, egg cells sure have a lot of mitochondria!

Our ability to produce energy in the mitochondria is what helps maintain these various cells. The same thing goes for egg cells.

We’re born with all the eggs we will have, which is a lot. But our egg count mysteriously reduces in the first half of our lives. And it’s not just because of ovulation.

Oxidative stress is what we’re up against. It minimizes egg quantity and quality. (Gan et al)

We always have some level of oxidative stress — it’s not completely avoidable. But it becomes problematic when it outweighs our ability to create energy (hello mitochondria!).

So when it comes to improving egg quality and quantity, we need to improve egg energy!

To improve egg energy, we need to provide the mitochondria with the raw materials:

↬Enough calories

↬Enough macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats)

↬Enough micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)

We can also work to minimize oxidative stress:

↬Getting enough sleep

↬Safe and sensible sunlight exposure

↬Minimizing exposure to environmental toxins

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Not medical advice.


This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.



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