How B12 can help you prevent postpartum depression

postpartum postpartum depression vitamin b12
How B12 can help you prevent postpartum depression

How Vitamin B12 can help you prevent postpartum depression (PPD) 👇

No matter how much you eat or supplement, you’ll never end up in an “overage” of nutrients during your postpartum period compared to pre-pregnancy or pregnancy. But what are the potential effects of ending up in a major deficit? 

In recent literature, the connection between PPD and B12 deficiency was evaluated. The authors measured several markers including B12 levels of women 6 weeks postpartum. And what they found was that women in the lowest quartile of B12 levels had over 4.5X higher odds of developing postpartum depression.

That is…huge!

And concerning, considering the current recommended daily amounts of B12 for pregnancy and lactation have been suggested to be severely underestimated.

What does this mean if you’re trying to conceive? Incorporate foods that are high in B12 before pregnancy to help build up and strengthen your nutrient stores, including:





PPD can look like mood fluctuations, irritability, frequent crying, anxiety, guilt, fatigue, and low libido. And it usually comes on unexpectedly. If you believe you’re experiencing postpartum depression, reach out to your healthcare provider right away. There is also SAMHSA’s National Helpline that you can call anytime: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

One last note, when it comes to PPD, additional factors like trauma, hormone imbalances, lack of community, environment, other nutrient deficiencies and other factors shouldn’t be underestimated.

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