How Chinese medicine can support your fertility journey ☯

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been studied, practiced, and evolving for over 2,500 years. It acknowledges that the body is composed of different organs that perform unique and important functions. Disease is a breakdown of these functions, and is attributed to environmental conditions, such as wind, heat, cold, and dampness.

The components of TCM include Acupuncture and Acupressure, Herbs, and Tai Chi.

TCM practitioners were paid when their patient didn't get sick. It's a model of preventative care that focuses on keeping its patients healthy.

TCM follows the doctrine of Yin & Yang:

☯ Yin: South face of a mountain, sunny side of a hill

☯ Yang: North face of a mountain, shady side of a hill

Yin and Yang are opposing energies. An imbalance can create health issues. Balancing them is the remedy.

The primary goal of the strategies used in TCM is to optimize Qi, the "vital energy" that fuels all bodily functions.

The Chinese Body Clock is a way to map the flow of Qi through the different organ systems through a 24-hour period of time.

Blockages, deficiencies, or overabundance of Qi create health issues, including fertility issues. Unblocking Qi frees up vital conception energy and allows our fertility to achieve homeostasis.

The menstrual cycle per TCM:

☯ Phase 1: Blood aka Menstruation | bleeding

☯ Phase 2: Yin aka Follicular Phase | nourishing endometrial lining

☯ Ovulation | Yin is able to reach Yang

☯ Phase 3: Yang aka Luteal Phase | progesterone & basal body temperature rise, baby creation

☯ Phase 4: Qi aka Luteal Phase | preparation and energy redirection for pushing blood

*Cycle starts over

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Which aspect of Chinese Medicine is most interesting to you? Have you tried TCM?


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