A low ratio of progesterone to estrogen is estrogen dominance, even if estrogen levels are normal.

estrogen dominance progesterone

“But my estrogen levels are within range..."
I often hear this in my practice.
Most don’t realize, however, is that ratios matter more than whether or not things fall in “normal range.”
A low ratio of progesterone to estrogen is considered estrogen dominance, even if estrogen levels are normal. Dr. Jolene Brighten calls this “relative estrogen dominance.”
When our ratio is low, we may experience symptoms like:
〰️Mood swings
〰️Tender breasts
〰️Heavy or clotty periods
〰️Water retention
〰️Fibrocystic breasts
〰️Uterine fibroids
〰️Weight gain
〰️Low libido
〰️Gallbladder issues
〰️And many more
Most hormone panels aren’t elaborate enough to see what’s really going on. Getting more insight into this ratio is extremely helpful for balancing hormones, especially when preparing for conception. Hormonal imbalances can not only make our pregnancy harder, but recovery too. And there is a level of imprinting that takes place onto baby.
How can we restore balance? Here are a few tips:
〰️Get a DUTCH test to see what’s going on
〰️Assess your exposure to xenoestrogens like herbicides, plastics, etc.
〰️Reassess consumption of estrogenic foods like soy, industrial oils, etc.
〰️Balance blood sugar
〰️Get enough protein and B vitamins (important for detox!)
〰️Consume a medium-sized raw carrot 1-2X per day
〰️Address iron overload
Not medical advice.



This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.



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