How hormonal health in utero can impact future generations.

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From the moment a baby is conceived, his or her health is pliable and a high level of imprinting takes place. Today we’re going to cover hormonal imprinting.

“Hormonal imprinting is an epigenetic process which is taking place perinatally at the first encounter between the developing hormone receptors and their target hormones. [It] influences the binding capacity of receptors, the hormone synthesis of the cells, and other hormonally regulated functions, as sexual behavior, aggressivity, empathy, etc.”

As I’ve talked about before, mothers can imprint their hormonal health on their children in utero. Common imbalances that can influence a baby’s health include:

↑ estrogen
↓ progesterone
↑ serotonin
↑ cortisol
↓ thyroid

External factors like xenoestrogens and other compounds can also have lasting impacts too. “Imprinting can be provoked not only by hormones but by other molecules which are able to act at receptorial level.”

“Excess of the target hormones or presence of foreign molecules which are able to bind to the receptors, provoke faulty imprinting in the critical periods with life-long morphological, biochemical, functional or behavioural consequences. As many receptor-bound foreign molecules are used as medical treatments and many such molecules are present around us and inside us as environmental pollutants, they...are able to predispose the (human) organism to cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic and cancerous diseases.”

“...the most decisive is the perinatal imprinting. The faulty imprinting is inherited to the progenies in general and especially in the case of immune system.”

These imbalances can also influence future generations (more later). “This memory is transmitted to the progeny generations of the imprinted cell.”

This is why nutrition AND lifestyle are key for my preconception clients.

Of course, everyone’s preconception journey looks different and there are many things that can be out of our control. This post is not meant to diminish anyone’s hard work or situation.

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All quotes by György Csaba.



This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.



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