How to make prenatal-friendly rice

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How to make prenatal-friendly rice

How to make prenatal-friendly rice 🍚🌸🤰🏽

White rice is a staple in many cultures and can be a great addition to a well-rounded, nutritious diet for optimizing fertility & supporting pregnancy.

Like most plant foods, however, white rice requires special preparation to increase the availability of nutrients and digestibility. This is because they contain anti-nutrients to protect and ward off predators from eating them.

Preparing rice properly can help:

✨Increase the availability of nutrients (this is what you really want when trying to build up your nutrient stores for pregnancy)

✨Increase digestibility & reduce digestive distress

✨Support a balanced blood sugar response

Here is how you can prepare white rice according to the traditional method of soaking, which has been used for thousands of years, and can be especially helpful when trying to increase nutrient stores for fertility & pregnancy:

You'll need:

🔸White rice of choice (I like jasmine)

🔸Acid (vinegar or lemon)

🔸Filtered water

🔸Large bowl (ceramic or mixing) 

🍚STEP 1: Add the amount of rice you want to cook to the bowl (I usually do 1-2 cups).

🍚STEP 2: Submerge in filtered water. Measurements don't matter for this step, as long as the rice is fully submerged.

🍚STEP 3: Add a splash or of vinegar or half a lemon. This is key!

🍚STEP 4: THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Let the rice sit for 7 or more hours. Yes, you read that right! 7+ hours.

🍚STEP 5: Once the 7+ hours are over, drain the water completely from the bowl (I like to rinse my rice one extra time).

🍚STEP 6: Prepare your rice as you normally would! If I'm using 2 cups of rice, I add 1-2 cups of filtered water (the less water you add, the more firm it will be), a tablespoon of ghee or coconut oil, and a generous pinch of salt.

🍚STEP 7: Enjoy your properly-prepared rice with your favorite protein and sides!

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