Outdated Pregnancy Advice

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Outdated Pregnancy Advice

When your doctor says to stop eating runny eggs, deli meat, sushi…

This is some pretty outdated advice. Because when we look at real data, we might not have to avoid these foods after all…

For example, there’s 1 case of salmonella in 12,000-30,000 eggs. And quality matters here - that risk significantly decreases by 7X if the eggs are pasture-raised or from an organic farm.

Another example: The rates of illness from raw milk are 0.00044%. And you’re 35,000X more likely to contract illness from other foods than from raw milk

Not to mention, your romaine lettuce might pose just as much of a problem. In fact, plant foods are the cause of 46% of food poisoning cases.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT telling you to eat these things. If the thought of being the 0.00044% that gets sick from raw milk makes you uncomfortable, that’s totally okay!

What I am saying: There is no food that is 100% safe during pregnancy.

Your risk tolerance is your risk tolerance. There’s no judgment or shame here - either way.

What I will also add: Foodborne illness can cause serious pregnancy complications.Whether it’s animal or plant-based, make sure the food you’re eating is from a source you trust, has been stored and handled properly and is consumed within the proper amount of time.

❔Did you eat any of these "taboo" foods during your pregnancy?


Not medical advice. Talk to your doctor about your own situation. Do your own research.


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