Pregnancy prep isn’t — and shouldn’t be — just about nutrition.

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Pregnancy prep isn’t — and shouldn’t be — just about nutrition.

If you’re only focusing on this piece of the larger puzzle, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

An opportunity to get your spirit ready for pregnancy.

Not to mention, your BODY.

One of the things that has been so incredibly helpful on my own pregnancy journey has been incorporating:

🔽 Pelvic floor engagement and relaxation techniques

🏃🏽‍♀️ Bump-supportive movement

Movement has been shown to positively influence pregnancy rates for certain cohorts of women.

Movement has been shown to influence your baby’s genetics for the better.

Not to mention, this has allowed me to feel COMFORTABLE as my belly has been growing.

And keep annoying pregnancy stuff away, like lower back pain, lightning crotch, complete breathlessness, leaking, and more.

And reduce my risk of pregnancy complications. And excess weight gain.

These are the same techniques that have helped my hundreds of students have comfortable pregnancies…and labors!

As a certified pre- and postnatal coach, I knew I couldn’t leave this critical piece of pregnancy prep out of my course, Conscious Conception. Because again, pregnancy prep isn’t just about food and supplements.

Learn how to properly engage your pelvic floor and move to support your fertility & pregnancy in my course, Conscious Conception.

TTC? Get empowered with Conscious Conception, the ultimate fertility blueprint created to help you optimize your fertility and enter pregnancy empowered.


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