Progesterone is very protective to the thymus gland and therefore, our immune system.

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I’ve talked before about how stress can lower our body’s natural defens3s. One thing that helps support it? Progesterone.
“The thymus gland is the main regulator of the immun3 system. Estrogen causes it to shrink, while progesterone protects it. [It is] profoundly dependent on progesterone…(opposing the effects of glucocorticoids and sex steroids).” — Dr. Ray Peat
Why is the thymus gland so important? It’s where T cells, critical to the adaptive immun3 system, go to a specialized “school.” There, T cells are taught how to respond to specific p@th0g3n$ and how to understand the very important difference between your own cells and an invader’s cells. Once they’ve matured (graduated), T cells migrate to other lymphatic tissues and organs where they’re called upon when needed.
Sounds pretty important, right?
Now I’m not saying go buy progesterone, because not all supplements are created equal. And if you’re not in the right state, it can often make you feel worse.
What I am saying... Support the body's natural production of progesterone. To make it, we must ovulate. And to make enough of it, we can't be in a stressed state. Supporting your fertility in this way can also support many other functions in the body, as you probably well know after reading through my posts.
Not sure where to start? Download the free 28-page Cycle Literacy guide via the link in my bio, which has tons of tips from me on how to support yourself with nourishment and movement throughout your cycle, and support that progesterone!
Not medical advice.



This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.



Peat, R. (1997). From PMS to Menopause. Eugene, OR.

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