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*Most couples trying to get pregnant don't know when to time intercourse.

*As many as 1 in 2 couples may be trying to conceive at the wrong time in the female partner's cycle.

*The chances of getting pregnant each month for healthy couples:

Under 35 years = 25-30%

35-39 years = 8-15%

40-42 years = 5%

43 = 1-2%

*In one study, 38% of couples that were educated on Fertility Awareness Methods conceived in the first cycle. This is because these couples likely understood their Fertile Window, the optimal time to try to conceive. 

*The average Fertile Window is 5 days, but can range between 2-7 days from female to female. This is a significant range in what is a short period in our cycle.

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*Do you know your fertile window?


Not medical advice.


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