TTC? Get your magnesium

magnesium miscarriage ttc
TTC? Get your magnesium

TTC? Get your magnesium.

Magnesium is SUCH an important mineral. But did you know it’s also super important if you’re trying to conceive?

Deficiency in magnesium has actually been linked to pregnancy loss.

And going from TTC ➡️ pregnancy, magnesium deficiency is associated with:

〰️Morning sickness

〰️Gestational hypertension


〰️Gestational diabetes

〰️Placental insufficiency

〰️Low birth weight

〰️And more

*Other signs of magnesium deficiency can include:

🪫Leg cramps & muscle spasms

🪫Stiffness or weakness

🪫Heart palpitations

🪫Insulin resistance

🪫Numbness & tingling


I like getting my magnesium from several different sources:


✨Body oil

✨Bath flakes


👉Do you suspect you have magnesium deficiency? Or what was your experience with it?

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