Want to get your Vitamin D levels up? You need these 6 nutrients

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Want to get your Vitamin D levels up? You need these 6 nutrients

❗Vitamins and minerals don’t operate alone. In fact, many nutrients work with or against other nutrients. And taking a single nutrient by itself may not work the way you want it to because of this, and may be unideal because it has the potential to create imbalances in the body. Nature is super sophisticated that way!

*Take Vitamin D, for example. If you’re trying to increase your Vitamin D levels, especially for pregnancy, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of these nutrients too:

✨Vitamin A/Retinol





✨Vitamin K2

*A few sources of each:

🐄Liver for Vitamin A

🍫Dark chocolate for Magnesium

🥑Avocado for Boron

🥚Eggs for Sulfur

🦪Oysters for Zinc

🧀Aged gouda for Vitamin K2

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Not medical advice.


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