Why you shouldn’t ignore your vaginal dryness ❕

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Why you shouldn’t ignore your vaginal dryness ❕

Vaginal dryness can provide clues about your fertility.

Dryness "down there" — especially during your fertile window — may mean you're not making enough cervical mucus.

Cervical mucus is the highway for sperm to reach your egg for fertilization. Not enough may keep you from getting your positive pregnancy test.

Why things might be drying up:

🤯Stress: When your body is under stress, it can cause hormonal changes to respond to the perceived stress. Your body will also redirect resources and blood flow to support the most critical functions for survival. Under stress, arousal and optimal reproductive function tend to be deprioritized.

💊Medications: Certain meds like antidepressants can alter hormonal balance in the body, leading to vaginal dryness. Medical procedures like radiation therapy can also cause vaginal dryness.

🚬Lifestyle Habits: A nutrient-poor diet, excess alcohol consumption and smoking can all contribute to vaginal dryness. So can the personal care products you utilize in and around your vagina, including period products, soaps, etc.

🤱🏽Breastfeeding: After you deliver your baby (yay!), there is a drastic drop in hormones which can lead to vaginal dryness. You may also experience a naturally suppressed menstrual cycle or suppressed ovulation while breastfeeding, which can naturally influence estrogen levels leading to dryness too.

🥚Poor Egg Quality/Low Reserve: As your follicles mature, they produce estrogen, which triggers the production of cervical mucus. If you’re not releasing or maturing enough (healthy) follicles each cycle, this can lead to lack of cervical mucus. Estrogen is also required for building a plush uterine lining for implantation. So chances are that your uterine lining may be suffering too.

Tips for Increasing vaginal lubrication & cervical mucus:

❌Ditch the smoking

❌Minimize alcohol

✅Eat a micronutrient-dense diet

✅Swap personal care products

✅Manage stress (in a way that works for YOU)

✅Improve your egg quality

✅Use a high-quality personal lubricant

✅Talk to your doc if you suspect your meds are drying you up

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