You need cholesterol to make hormones.

cholesterol hormones

Some of you may already know this but...did you know that you need cholesterol to make hormones?
That’s right! “Cholesterol is the precursor to all the protective steroidal hormones.” Like:
〰️And others!
These can be made by the adrenal glands, gonads and placenta. Regardless of where they’re made, these hormones are “chemical messengers” that are conductors for SO many physiological processes.
Cholesterol is also an antioxidant, key for handling stress. “It has a direct effect on producing the steroidal hormones as well as interfering with the toxic effects of chemical and physical stress.”
As you can see, cholesterol is very important! Getting enough through your diet is essential for hormonal balance. My favorite ways to get it are through these yummy foods right here:
🫀Organ meats
Plus, many of these foods contain many other beneficial nutrients I try to get in daily.
⁉️What about high cholesterol? It’s unlikely that this is caused by cholesterol-rich foods. See my other posts on cholesterol for more info.
What’s your favorite cholesterol-rich food?
All quotes by Josh & Jeanne Rubin in "Saturated Fact." @realfoodgangstas
Not medical advice.



This is not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before pursuing any changes to your personal healthcare regime.



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